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      We are in the process of scaling down and have an assortment of quality photo studio equipment and accessories for sale. Balcar, Bogen, Gossen, Hasselblad, Larson, Lowel Light, Nikon, Photoflex, Rollei, Speedotron -- Great items and great prices. All are vintage - some have never been used, others are like-new condition, and the rest in very good working order, unless otherwise stated. Please note that there are some accessories used for showing the items for sale, but are not included with the asking price.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information,

please e-mail us at: j-c @

Thank you for your interest.

                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

One 26-foot Rollei-Balcar l ight extension cord
$15 plus shipping
Rollei Power Pack & one Balcar flash head available.
Balcar 102 U
flashhead with 250-w modeling lamp, blower-cooled with R86 reflector built in, plus R66 reflector.
Rollei variable 1200 ws power pack with Balcar 'U' flashhead with modeling light & reflector. 16' power cord - 9' light cord
(stand not included)
$200 plus shipping
Fatif large product shooting table
for 48"x96" lucite panel . Heavy-duty 1" square channel iron construction breaks down into side units, hinged uprights, plus cross-braces.
150 plus shipping
Nikon focusing bellows F with instructions
sturdy double rail system with locking lever
box worn, but bellows like new condition
$80 plus shi[pping
Heavy duty The Other Hand swivel & tilt
clamping stand for light or camera.
Maximum 3-1/4" clamping size.
$25 plus shi[pping
Hasselblad 52 polarizing filter
and leather pouch - very good condition
$50 plus shipping
Bogen heavy-duty clamp
with 3/8" thread stud and 1/4" camera or light head.
$20 plus shi[pping
Hasselblad B-50
front lens cover for 80, 150, 270
very good condition
$8 plus shipping
Hama gator grip stand for closeup
macro photography - new condition
$20 plus shipping
Hasselblad waist level viewfinder
very good condition
Gossen Sixticolor meter & case
very good condition
$10 plus shipping
Singh-Ray series 8 filter
flourescent correction - excellent cond
$15 plus shipping
18% Gray Card
3 available new
$3 plus shipping
Speedotron 7-inch grid filters
10 - 20 -30 - 40 - degree angle set
New condition in box - never used
$60- plus shipping
Larson - Leon vignetter kit
for Hasselblad shade
new condition -
$15 plus shipping
Gossen Luna-Pro meter
used, but still operable
(takes 2 - Z625PX replacement batteries)
$25 plus shipping
Polaroid 500 - 4x5 holder
$25, plus shipping
Photoflex XTC - large
LiteDomb 34" x 45"
white inner baffle
for diffused lighting
(contact Photoflex
for light mount ring)
New in box
2 available
$75ea plus shipping
Folding holder
for flags and reflector boards
$10 plus shipping
All new reflector fabric
Larson 36" white satin - $15
Larson 36" silver Reflectasol - $15
plus shipping
Photoflex XTC LiteDomb - 34"x45" front face
2 available - new in box
Vintage Lowel Light kit of 5 lights
with 5 ea bulb housing & 6 pair of reflectors
mounts to walls, poles, studs, & shelves
all R-40 Medium base (E26) fits procelain sockets
All in very good condition
All in original case -
$95 plus shipping
Reflectasol - white satin
36" portable reflector
with frame -
3/8" shaft
small cut in fabric
$20 plus shipping
Reflectasol - silver
36" portable reflector
with frame -
3/8" shaft
like new condition
$20 plus shipping
Reflectasol - gold
36" portable reflector
with frame
3/8" shaft
small orange spot on fabric
$20 plus shipping
Fotolite 20" snap-out
white/silver portable reflector
folds to 8"
new - $8 - plus shipping
Lowel folding frame
for 10" x 12" gels
hinging arm
fits light stand
new - 4 available

$15ea plus shipping
Lowel folding frame
for 10" x 12" gels
folds to 1" x 1" x 12"
with mount bar
ew - 2 available
$12 ea - plus shipping
Larson compact clamp
2 available
good condition
$10ea plus shipping
Reflectasol - white
60" hex reflector
(stand clamp not included)
$30 plus shipping
White Satin Reflectasol
36" x 36" - 3/8" shaft
2 - new - w/ clamp & frame
(flash & stand not included)
$40 each plus shipping
Black Light Stand
3-section 28" - 40"
3/8" top section
$8 plus shipping
Black Light Stand
3-section 35" - 84"
3/8" top section
$12 plus shipping
Pic 224 light stand
5-column 27" - 96"
3/8" top section
$18 plus shipping
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809 South 12th Street - La Grande, Oregon 97850
telephone: (541) 962-7864 -- e-mail:

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