Office Equipment & Photo Storage
      We are in the process of scaling down our business and have an assortment of quality equipment and storage items for sale. All are in new to very good workable condition as noted. If you have any questions or need more detailed information,

please e-mail us at: j-c @

Thank You for your interest.

                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

Smith-Corona Coronet Super 12 Electric Typewriter
Good working order , but some keys slightly sticky from non use
with 7 partially used film cartidges - black, red, blue, green, brown
All with manual for $35 plus shipping
Cole double sliding door storage unit
36"w x 23.5"d x 26"h - chrome & light sand
$50 plus shipping
50" x 23" x 8" Mahogany wood encases
Daylight 5000 Kelvin lightbox
48" x 18" Lucite viewing area
$100 plus shipping

drafting stool
plus shipping
Print File 4x5 - box of 100
New Archival Preservers
$6 plus shipping
RPS 4x5 Plastine
10 p
ackages of 100 available
New Archival Preservers
$6 per package plus shipping
Diade VV
Never used
slide storage - viewer
2 available
$15 each plus shipping
Print File 2x2-20B
100 archival preservers
20 - 2x2 per sleeve
$12 per pkg
plus shipping
Print File 2x2-20B
41 archival preservers
20 - 2x2 per sleeve
$5 per pkg of 41
plus shipping
Print File 120-3HB
82 archival preservers
3 strips - 4 frames
$10 per pkg of 82
plus shipping
Print File 225-12HB
73 archival preservers
12 - 2.25x2.25 ea pg $9 per pkg of 73
plus shipping
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