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      We are in the process of scaling down our business and have an assortment of items which we no longer have use for, but still have a good useful life. All are in very good condition, though used and have minor mars or abrasions, except as otherwise noted.
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                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

Small Shadow Line white negligee with flower pattern and blue ribbon
vintage 1970s - photo prop - storage folds. but never used
$25 plus shipping
Small Shadow Line white negligee with blue ribbon
vintage 1970s - photo prop - storage folds, but never used
$25 plus shipping
John B. Stetson black Sovereign derby - size 7
vintage 1960s - very clean though line showing from hat stored on top - used as a photo prop
$50 plus shipping
Small French Maid photo prop costume
12.5" across waist, 24" collar to skirt bottom
arm holes 10" aroung - zipper in back
2-pair os small Danskin fishnet tights
55% nylon, 45% spandex
$15 plus shipping.
Vintage Eddie Bauer - Stearns FJ-50 Windjammer Floatation Jacket
Size: Small Adult -
Type 111 Device - closed-cell PVC Aquafoam
top shoulder seam: 17", armpit distance: 22.5". top of arm to base of cuff: 24"
Total length: 33". ...... Vintage 1970s - but never used
$35 plus shipping
Georgi - Women's
Flemenco Spanish-style hat
100% black wool
21.75" head band
13" brim diameter
slight use as camera prop

$35 plus shipping

Harem photo prop costume
15" across armpit area, waist is 15.5" across.
ankle opening stretches to 7" diameter.

$10 plus shipping

Vintage Gamblers Vest
19 in - armpit to armpit

$15 plus shipping
Vintage Nelson- Sanderson straw hat with velvet ribbon
suited for
old-time nostalgia decor, photo prop or the theater
21.5" head band - 18" brim diameter
$15 plus shipping
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