Multimedia Equipment & accesssories for sale
      We are in the process of scaling down our business and have a variety of quality multi media equipment and accessories for sale at great prices. Most are vintage in age, but in new or very servicable condition unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions or need more detailed information,

e-mail us at: j-c @

Thank You for your interest.

                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

2-mil Mylar - 1-side matte
36" x 57 feet - $40
42" x 18 yd - $50
plus shipping
50 x 23 x 8" Mahogany wood encases
Daylight 5000 Kelvin lightbox - Lucite cover
48" x 18" viewing area
$100 plus shipping
chrome stool
$25 plus shipping
Baja 8-drawer slide storage
11" cube for 35mm slide grouping
2 available @
$12 each
plus shipping
Kodak Ektagraphic AF-1 projector 100-150mm f/3.5 zoom lens
extra ENH bulb & 3 trays
excellent condition
$85.00 plus shipping
WTI Stand
$20.00 plus shipping
Belkin - 2-port PS/2 KVM Switch
Built-in cabling - keyboard, video, mouse
new with instructions
$8 plus shipping
Stanley Black - LCL75009
Rhapsody in Blue - American in Paris
7-in audio tape -
excellent condition
box shows scuff marks
$10 plus shipping
Robbins TD-7
Head Demagnetizer
new - $7 plus shipping
vintage Golderg 200-foot 8mm
new reel and can in box
$6 plus shipping
7-inch reel -to-reel audio tapes
1.0 mil - Ampex 641 & Scotch 190
used for personal music collection
and movie projects
lot of 13 - $25 plus shipping
Scotch Self-threading 7-in takeup reels
3-each PRST-7 - new
$6 each plus shipping
Lubot 10X
Aspherical Loupe
new in box
- $8
plus shipping
5-inch reel-to-reel audio tapes
9 plus one empty reel
1/4" - 1.0 mil
used for personal projects

lot - $10 plus shipping

Jerry Gildemeister
809 South 12th Street - La Grande, Oregon 97850
telephone: (541) 962-7864 -- e-mail:
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