Black Powder - Handloading equipment & supplies for sale
      We are in the process of scaling down our lives and have an assortment of items relating to guns, handloading, and shooting for sale. All are vintage in age but still have a long useful life.

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Thank You for your interest.

                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

Fixed brass powder measure
main body 2" long x 1/2" ID
$4 plus shipping
Vintage cast Iron ladle
11" handle - 3" diametter cup
$8 plus shipping
Lyman Ideal .454 round ball block mould
$25 plus shipping
T - Nipple wrench
deep rounded groove
$4 plus shipping
Lyman Ideal .375 round ball block mould
$20 plus shipping
Lyman Ideal One Dipper
new condition
$12 plus shipping
32 sp. cast bullets
126 count
$10 plus shipping
T - Nipple wrench
shallow square groove
$4 plus shipping
Lyman 32 sp shell resizer
new condition
$15 plus shipping
Lyman Ideal casting block handles
like new condition -
$12 plus shipping
OHOUS metric weights
30 gm x 10 mg
plus stainless forceps
very good condition
$15 plus shipping
Vintage 1953 M1 .30 cal cleaning rod
5-sections plus handle
mfg. Novelty Tool Co. - May 1953
Contract No. DA-19-058 ORD-6606
box damaged, but rod never used
$10 each plus shipping
Hornady 32 sp bullets
100 - 170 gr - .321 flat point
$8 plus shipping
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