Darkroom Equipment & Accessories
      We are in the process of scaling down and have all of our darkroom accessories for sale. GraLab, Jobo, Schneider and other brands of quality,
some items are in new condition, and all used items are in good working order.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information,

please e-mail us at: j-c @ gildemeister-usa.com.

Thank You for your interest.

                                                    Jerry & Cathy Gildemeister

New 17 oz
$4 plus shipping
new 34 oz
$6 plus shipping
Cesco half gallon tanks - used
with floating lids - 2 black, 3 red
$5 each plus shipping
Jobo 1000 ml bottles
3 white - 2 black available
new condition
$10ea plus shipping
film squeege - used

$4 plus shipping

5x7 Stainless Steel Film Hangers
$10 for lot of 10- plus shipping
Large 8" filter funnel - used

$4.00 plus shipping

Premier Multi Print Easel
$10 plus shipping
Falcon print dryers - 4 used
$5 each plus shipping
Testrite enlarger vignetter V2
heavy duty plastic
excellent condition
plus shipping
Carr Stainless Steel print tongs
Lot of 3 - used
$6 plus shipping
Edwal 4 oz
Anti-Stat film cleaner
$4+ shipping
Edwal Hypo-Chek
4 0z Kodak Photo-Flo
$3 plus shipping
Falcon print roller squeege - used
$2 plus shipping
Jerry Gildemeister
2000 Gekeler Ln - Apt 10 - La Grande, Oregon 97850
e-mail: j-c@gildemeister-usa.com
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